Hello MMO World!

22 Aug

Hello MMO World!

My name is kashie, a self-proclaimed MMO princess. To be honest I’m not really that much of a gamer, but right now I’m happy being called a gamer.

I’m not familiar with famous games, as I have my own tastes, but I guess this is a good thing, since I won’t be joining the usual bandwagon. I could play games without much of a bias or anything (at least for now that I don’t have my own preferences).

Right now I’m only playing Morrowind, but because of work I don’t have that much time to play a game. I found a game on the net and downloaded it, and will most likely be playing it for the next couple of months or so. I’m not really the type that plays a lot of games and I tend to stick to one, as this is my source of relaxation after long hours of office work.

Right now the most feasible thing that I could see for my blog would be Let’s Play posts (I became a gamer because of Let’s Play videos on the net), but hopefully I could provide more information besides my own game experiences in the future.

So there. I hope you could enjoy my blog, and let’s chat in the future.

Ciao ciao!


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