Let’s Play Hellgate Global [002]: Greenwich Headquarters

23 Aug

So I’m back. 🙂

Last time I started the Let’s Play Series with Hellgate Global. The graphics was good, the interface was nostalgic, and overall I had a good first impression of the system. Looking back, I think I like how you cannot shoot someone when you reach a certain range, as it keeps  a little balance between being ranged and being melee. Also, I like the mini-games (although up to now I’ll be honest I still don’t get the whole feature). Right now I’m on the second map, but I’m not sure that I’ll be able to finish all the quests as of this writing. (I’m blogging and playing at the same time, FTW). So here you go…

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Greenwich Headquarters, the 2nd map I got into

I kinda forgot some of the controls, but I think I’ll easily catch up. Anyways, after the tutorial, there will be no quests. Luckily, the first NPC you’ll see (Sabina) has a yellow exclamation (!) icon, meaning she has a quest. Before I went to Sabina though, I noticed something:

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Okay, what a cool weapon you got there. I want one. ^_^

What a cool weapon. ^_^ The NPCs seems to be the guards of this place, so I can’t do anything to them. Anyway I continued on to Sabina, and talked to her about the quest she has for me, which seems to be another tutorial quest. Sadly, the in-game screenshot function doesn’t work when a menu is active. Basically, Sabina showed me a storage which apparently also works across different accounts (i’ll test this in the future).

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Sabina and My Stash

Next up is Eboch. He welcomed me with “Welcome, MMOPrincess!!”. LOL. I blushed. ^_^ Anyway, he says that I can disassemble useless loots and use them to create useful ones through the production vendor. After that a prompt message came telling me to go to Techsmith 15.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Eboch and the Production Tutorial

Before I went on, I noticed a couple of things:

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

I felt nostalgic about this. It felt like Half-Life or something.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Hellgate actually looks good in contrast to its criticisms.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

This isn't dynamic lighting, I suppose, but it's definitely better than not having any shadows.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Sandbags look good and another storage exists.

I went on and talked to Techsmith 15. I got a little guilty since he thought I mastered the production methods (of course I haven’t, LOL). I got a little confused coz’ apparently there are a lot of ways to upgrade a weapon, from increasing attack, to increasing attributes, to adding options.  I’ll get the hang of it in the future, I hope.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Item Upgrading seems a little complicated.

Next up is Doherty. She said she was dying waiting for me, which I deeply apologize about (blogging and gaming at the same time is very hard, LOL). Apparently she’s not that good of a salesgirl, since she told me straight that spoils of war are better than items in the general shop. Well, at least she’s honest.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Doherty ain't a good salesgirl. LOL

I went next to Gavin. He’s a nice fellow, although I don’t get what he means by “core person of the survivors”. I really didn’t get an answer to that, but he taught me where the auction house or Trade Center is.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Core person of the survivors?

Anyway, I already saw a couple of low level players like me in the auction:

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Say 'Hi' fellas. ^_^

After this it got a little confusing since I don’t have any quests anymore in the log. There is, however, two people with exclamation marks (!) with them: Supply Soldier Teo (Yellow) and Commander Vaught (Purple).

If I remember it correctly, Yellow Quests are just side quests. So I went to Teo first. He told me that I’ll receive items that I’ll receive at 4am, but I instantly received resurrection scrolls from him. I don’t know though if these are the items or not.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Supply Soldier Teo

After this, I immediately went to Vaught. I instantly noticed his asian hair, but it’s okay with me. He also looks like Iron Man with the glowing bear/lion emblem on his chest. Apparently a Dr. Fawkes (I kinda remember Fallout, V for Vendetta, and Guy Fawkes) is missing and Holborn Station cannot help him. So it’s up to me to do the job.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Commander Vaught

So I guess this is it for today. I finished some tutorial quests and got into my first story quest involving Dr. Fawkes. I’m okay for now, and I’ll do this again tomorrow (or the next day, depends on my work). Here’s a screenshot before I leave. 🙂

Let's Play Hellgate Global [002]

Greenwich Headquarters Map finished!

Ciao ciao,

MMOPrincess 🙂

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