Let’s Play Hellgate Global [003]: South Hampton Row and Portals to Hell

24 Aug

So hello guys I’m back. I just noticed when I was selecting my character from the character screen that she is still at level 1. Although I think this is normal because I haven’t finished a lot of quests, I do hope that by the end of this session I would have leveled up.  For a recap, I remembered that I had to find a Dr. Fawkes for Holborn Station. I noticed though that when I logged in, I was back at Greenwich Headquarters. Before I got into the Holborn station though, I saw Teo had a Yellow exclamation mark so I got two free resurrection scrolls from him. Also, I noticed that I had some loot in my bag that I couldn’t wear, so I sold them to Janine.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

I'm back at Greenwich Headquarters WTF

It was my first time to play with an audio device, and I must say it feels good. It’s not as good as modern games today, but by MMO standards, I feel this is GOOD.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Give me some level-up!!!

I immediately went to Tech 13 who had a purple question mark. He directed me to Murmur before finishing his dialogue. Anyway, after he finished his dialogue, I got experience points and finally, I leveled up! I pressed “K”, and got to see the three tabs of Elementals, Demons, and Necromancy. This will surely determine the build of your character. Anyway, I got overwhelmed so I picked Summon Fire Elementals again. I got two summons now LOL.

So I met Murmur after, and again I noticed his asian hair much like that of Commander Vaught. Also, he had a voice! I wish I played the game earlier with an audio device on so I heard the other characters’ voices.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Murmur has a good hairdresser.

Murmur asked me to go to Russell Square to find Dr. Fawkes. Apparently I can get there via South Hampton Row. Normally I would end up my session after finishing a map, but I guess since the story quests are picking up so fast, I might as well continue with South Hampton Row.

After arriving at South Hampton, Murmur asked me to find some Hell Occupations. Whatever they are, they apparently drop valuable items. I decided to play in third-person mode so that controls would be easier.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Oh yeah 🙂

As I went outside a couple of monsters came up, and I instantly defeated them using my minions. Everything feels so easy because I have my minions with me.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

My minions would kill you!

After killing the creeps I kinda noticed something from afar. It looked like a portal, and kinda reminded me of Oblivion. Although I don’t know what’s in there, I decided to go in.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Daedra! Aw wait that's from another game

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

To Oblivion!

So I went inside and stayed there for quite a while. Mobs there are tough, and I almost died thrice. Also, a Messenger from Hell arrived, which apparently was the infamous Hell Occupation. Two birds with one stone, yeah!

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]


Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]


Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]
Eat that!

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Sometimes falling back is the best offensive action.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Til death!

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Just when you thought it was aint...

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Eventually I had to go to the back to survive.

It was not before long that the number of mobs got into me and I leveled up! Lol. The hardship was totally worth it. I got another minion to even things out with the mobs. >:)

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

You guys are so strong you made me level!

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]


After a few kills another surprise came…Messenger from hell! Lol that was a nice touch. I killed the freakin beast and he dropped tons of items. Again I was overwhelmed by the detail so I kept some of them.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Who's the messenger now, huh?

When I went outside a couple of monsters again sprang up, so maybe the maps respawn creatures when you leave them. Anyway, I appreciated the atmosphere of the game. It felt like Fallout but also felt like Silent Hill. It was very entertaining at the most.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

It was just now that I noticed that the crosshair indicates how many meters mobs are away from you. I don’t know if it’ll affect the gameplay, but it was a nice touch.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Crosshair shows how many meters away mobs are from you.

Not before long another Messenger from Hell appeared, and this time I was more confident. I killed it immediately with my minions.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

I killed your brother!

After killing it, I noticed I couldn’t get anymore items so I opened my backpack and dismantled unwanted products. I also used analyzers to identify armors/weapons that were better than what I have.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Darn you limited bag space!

So after I picked my new armor, I got a new look:

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

Looks like an Old Western Classic

Im starting to like the first person perspective right now, it makes the game more immersive. Messengers from hell easily appear, and it makes the game not too boring.  Anyway, I reached the end of South Hampton and arrived at Russel Square (safely, so far).  I think this will be all for today. My only disappointment for today is the discovery that I couldn’t carry all the loots that i find, as the drop rate in Hellgate is actually high, while the bag space is limited. Hopefully a premium item may resolve this issue. Anyways, here’s my screenshot for today before leaving:

Let's Play Hellgate Global [003]

South Hampton Finished!

Ciao ciao!

MMO Princess ^_^>D


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