Let’s Play Hellgate Global [005]

14 Sep

Hi guys, I’m back. I’ve been playing Hellgate with some other characters so I wasn’t able to update this. But now I decided to play it again, and would like to update my blog.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [005]

Straight on to business

When I entered the game, I instantly saw a yellow question mark, so I took the quest. It was a normal kill X monsters quest, so I didn’t bother to read on it for too long. Anyway, the quest was in Tottenham, where my other daily quest is. 🙂

George had a good reward for me, far better than the armor I’m wearing, so I equipped it. When I finished it, there were a couple of daily quests that popped up, so I decided to take them. The first quest was almost the same Joey’s, and it was situated on Tottenham. The other quest was set in Holborn Access Shafts.

I was tasked to kill 3 blood zombies for my daily quest, and find 8 capacitors for my story quest. Holborn Access shafts looked good on my PC. I just don’t get why there are so many complaints about the game’s visuals.

Let's Play Hellgate Global [005]

Nice effects 🙂

After the quests, Techsmith 101 told me I was either brave or stupid. I loved that line. Anyway, I’ll call this session a day. I think I’ll play longer next time. Here’s my screenshot for today:

Let's Play Hellgate Global [005]

Murmur and I

Ciao ciao!

MMOPrincess ^_^>D

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