Hellgate Global Halloween Heads for Heads Event Evaluation

22 Nov

Hello everyone, this is an evaluation of the recently finished event of Hellgate Global called “Halloween Heads for  Heads Event“. I will tackle what the event was all about, if it achieved its purpose, and the community’s (and my own) feedback.

The Event: Halloween Heads for Heads


Event Mechanics:

  • A player can trade a certain number of Lucky Coupon + specific SH Boss Mob Head for a limited edition Halloween Items.
  • These Halloween Headgear are augmentable, permanent, and non-transferrable.
  • Halloween Headgears can be looted from random mobs.
  • These are the heads:

Hellgate Head for Heads



  • The available headgears drop from mobs, so most people aren’t engaging in trades with Lucky Coupons.
  • On the other hand, most people are suggesting that the drop rate is very low.
  • The community loves item drop events, especially item drops that have an aesthetic effect.



I don’t know if this was a win-win situation for both sides, but I definitely think that the players won with this event. Hunting never gets tiresome, and whether you drop these headgears or get them from Lucky Coupons, in the end, as long as it’s a product of your own hardships, getting these headgears are definitely worth it.

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