Hellgate Global Looks Back at 2011 Stats, Ahead to Explosive 2012 Plans

06 Jan

Hello everyone! This is the latest Press Release from T3fun for their game, Hellgate Global:

LOS ANGELES – January 4, 2012
T3fun today released an infographic about Hellgate Global’s character creation data and a sneak peak of future events to come in the New Year. The infographic reveals various character creation data points, such as the most chosen gender, class and population makeup. In celebration of the new year, T3Fun has also outlined some of the big things fans can expect from Hellgate Global in 2012.

The research, displayed visually in T3Fun’s “Recruitment Roundup” infographic, shows that the Marksman was the most-created character in 2011, while the Guardian stands tall as the least chosen character. On the other hand, female guardians achieved the highest character creation growth rate during the year, followed closely by the female engineer class in second. Also, contrary to popular belief, mankind’s army isn’t overpopulated with just male soldiers, with 40% of total players being female.

The following is a summary of some of the statistics revealed in the infographic:

  • Class with highest growth rate in terms of character creation (gender-specific): Female guardian, 106.65%
  • Class with least growth rate in terms of character creation (gender-specific): Male marksman, 98.73%
  • Class with highest growth rate in terms of character creation: Guardian, 103.41%
  • Class with least growth rate in terms of character creation: Marksman, 99.74%
  • Class with the highest population (gender-specific): Male marksman, 14.60%
  • Class with the lowest population (gender-specific): Female guardian, 4.10%
  • Class with the highest population: Marksman, 23%
  • Class with the lowest population: Guardian, 12%
  • Created male characters: 60%
  • Created female characters: 40%

Rounding out the year with the December challenges and events, including the Christmas giveaway, Hellgate Global is already gearing up to kick off 2012 with the action its players deserve. To give fans a sneak peek of what’s to come, there will be a special guild event with honors and rewards for the guild that comes out on top. Much like last year’s Rookie Challenge, players can expect a new, similar event coming their way — only the adrenaline-pumping trials will be a much larger challenge than any “rookie” is used to! Daily hunting challenges will also be a new addition for players to test their hunting skills and earn valuable rewards. The hunt is on!

With improved services, deeper guild engagement in the works, greater challenges for the most motivated players and some of the biggest events yet — Hellgate Global fans can mark their calendars for an explosive 2012.

The original article can be found here: Hellgate Global Looks Back at 2011 Stats, Ahead to Explosive 2012 Plans

Also, the Infographic can be found here: Infographic Details Hellgate Global’s 2011 Character Creation Data

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